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    • 47k Day Part 2.mp4
    • Live Trading - Failed Dip Trade into a Halt and General Choppiness -600.mp4
    • Day 3 Small Account Challenge 1 trade -1.1k.mp4
    • Reversal off the lows on WKHS -55- then bounce.mp4
    • Gme Stop at the open choppiness.mp4
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    • Wild Opening Range -5k on APOP.mp4
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    • Day 1 Take TWO - This is a Do Over- Day 1 the RIGHT way.mp4
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    • 7am Volume Spike.mp4
    • AWPC halt down.mp4
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    • -75k in profit then a 31k loss off the top.mp4
    • -6k Trading OCGN pre-market including holding through a pullback.mp4
    • Live Trading CARV -33k with 10k loss at the end and 60k share positions.mp4
    • COIN IPO -20k then -13k to -6k Net.mp4
    • -4k then -185k then Caught in Halt Down into T1- lost -68k off the top finsihed -117k_part1.mp4